Slideshow: Things you should be selling at the car boot this weekend

Looking for some advice on what to sell this weekend? DVDs, cosmetics and records are always popular

Car boot aficionado and experienced e-Bay seller dressing-2-kill has compiled a car booting bible that is frequently updated to include hints and tips for both buyers and sellers.

The post includes a pretty comprehensive list of things that always sell at car boots, things that never sell and ways to spruce up your stall to invite customers in.

We loved this tip in particular on how to attract buyers:

‘It’s worth considering buying in a few sweets, cans of drinks, tissues¬†and wet-wipes – they’re¬†great to offer at the front of the stall to attract mums with small kids.’

We had a root around at home to see if we could find some of the most popular items to sell and look what we found

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Sophie Tighe


Car boot competition

We’re all out for the best bargains but there’s nothing wrong with a little healthy competition, right?

We always like to hear about rookie sellers dipping their toes into the wonderful world of car booting but sometimes going up against seasoned sellers can be a little daunting.

First-time carbooter debill had a disappointing experience at their local car boot when they were turned away by the organiser. Having done their research, they filled the car up with toys and made the 30 mile journey to their chosen sale. They were turned away by the organiser who informed them that they sold toys and that car boot wasn’t big enough for the two of them.

There is a wide world of second-hand selling out there, so surely there is room for everyone? What do you think?

Have you been put off setting up your own stall by pushy pros? Do sellers with bad attitudes put you off buying items?

Sophie Tighe