Trend alert: DVD box sets

During this never-ending recession, Britons are choosing to stay in and indulge in a new hobby: DVD box sets

William and Kate love it. So do David and Sam. Michelle and Barack are probably at it as we speak. In fact, according to You magazine, we’re all guilty.

DVD box sets are hot property right now. With endless reality shows on our TVs and a recession that looks like it might never end, people are turning to the comfort and security of a box set on a Friday night. Shows like The Sopranos, The Wire, The West Wing may be long gone from our TV guides but are far from forgotten.

Couples up and down the country are eschewing pricey nights out in favour of a bottle of wine, packet of posh crisps and a couple of hours with Baltimore drug dealers, forensic mass murderers and sexed up vampires.

Look through your DVD collection at home, turf out that Buffy box set your mum gave you two Christmases ago and add it to your next car boot sale – one man’s Lost is another man’s Breaking Bad.

Top tip: Shows like Dexter, The Killing and In Treatment are a higher caliber of programme that may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Keep an eye out for Family Guy and The Simpsons if you want to go for (near) universal appeal.

Sophie Tighe


One Comment on “Trend alert: DVD box sets”

  1. Lena says:

    I love a good box set – my boyfriend and I have lost entire weekends watching a whole season on Mad Men in one go. I found that selling old videos at car boot sales put a bit of cash towards DVDs instead! Turns out people still watch videos and love the old favourites. I got the original Star Wars films in a DVD set for £2, and then bought My So Called Life off Amazon for £5.49 off Amazon!

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