Ex-Londoner starts first car boot sale in Houston, Texas

Maureen Clairday launched “the only car boot sale in Texas” in Houston in January after being inspired by a sale in Essex.

Clairday says she launched the MJ Car Boot Sale, after the number of garage sales in her local area started to decrease because of a rise in the number of burglaries.

“It is increasingly dangerous to have strangers come to your home now,” she tells me.
“Home invasions and burglaries are up.  There are a large percentage of people that cannot have a garage sale, either they live in an apartment or their HOA will not permit them to have a garage sale in their neighbourhood.”
Clairday previously lived in Chelmsford and Tottenham where she regularly visited local car boot sales.
She has lived in Texas for the past 31 years with her family and three grandchildren. She says that she  was surprised to find that there are not any car boot sales in the state and decided to start her own.

Maureen Clairday

The vendors at her sale sell china, craft and baked goods. Clairday is also offering free space to charities interested in fundraising. She says that the sale was becoming increasingly popular despite initial difficulty convincing locals to come.

She says: “The locals who I have talked to think it is a fabulous concept but mostly we are lost in translation but I am hopeful this will change, like the English pub or fish and chips.”
” Slowly the word is getting around but nothing like the car boot industry in England.  To my knowledge I am the only car boot in Texas.”
Check out MJ Car Boot’s Facebook page here
Kate Lloyd

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