The cost of carbooting: sellers’ pitch fees across London

In the first of two posts exploring the variation in entrance fees at car boots across London, we look at the pitch fees for sellers.

Our map shows that the cost of getting a pitch at a car boot sale in London ranges dramatically from free entry to £15.

Seven of the city’s car boot sales have £10 pitch fees for sellers, but six of them allow sellers to enter for free.

Car boots with similarly priced pitches tend come in clusters as car boot organisers adapt in order to grab visitors from their neighbours.

This is as far as geography affects the price of pitches. It is probably likely that the huge variation in pitch fee is more down to the car boot organisers trying to attract a certain type of seller.

Experienced and upmarket sellers are probably more likely to pay higher fees where as free pitches are better suited to inexperienced sellers who are unsure about how much money they will make.

Statistics from the Boot Fair directory

Kate Lloyd and Tom Allsop


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