The cost of carbooting: buyers’ entrance fees across London

In the second of two posts exploring the variation in entrance fees at car boots across London, we look at entrance fees for buyers.

Map showing how entrance fees vary across London

Our map shows that the cost of entrance for buyers in London is usually no more than £1.

12 of the city’s car boot sales are free for buyers to enter, with a further eight costing only 50 pence.

This is significantly cheaper than the average entry fee for sellers. Perhaps car boot organisers are encouraging sellers to pay high pitch fees by luring in lots of buyers.

This is a reflection of the times. With the country in recession people are more likely to want to make money as a seller than  spend it as a buyer.

Where as in central London there is a lot of variation between buyer entrance prices, the car boots charging an entrance fee of 50 pence are mainly grouped together in West London, with the free car boots grouped closely together in East London. The car boot organisers are adapting to take on their competition, knowing that buyers will go to their cheaper direct competitors.

In such areas, getting rid of entrance fees for buyers may mean higher overall profits. This is because car boot sales which only charge 50 pence per buyer can only make £50 per 100 buyers.

Statistics from the Boot Fair directory

Kate Lloyd and Tom Allsop


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