VIDEO: finding belongings that will sell at car boot sales

You may think you know what sells at the car boot, but  how likely is it that you own goods that people will want to buy?

carbooted’s Kate Lloyd checked out her parents’ house to see if she has anything worth taking to the car boot. You can watch the video below to see how she got on.

Music: Miss Emma – Une Glace au Citron. Used via a Creative Commons license.

Here are her top five searching tips:

1. Remember: even if you’re selling second hand never sell anything dirty or broken – the buyers just won’t come back!

2. Don’t forget to look at the top of your wardrobe, underneath your bed and in your back shed for forgotten treasures

3. If you aren’t sure whether to sell it – don’t! You’ll only regret it later.

4.  Consider whether you have the means to take large goods to the car boot. It’s alright saying you’re going to sell your garden furniture, but are you going to have to hire an expensive van to get it to the sale?

5. Ask friends, family and neighbours to check their cupboards for you too!

Don’t know what sells? Check out our guide from the experts!

Kate Lloyd


4 Comments on “VIDEO: finding belongings that will sell at car boot sales”

  1. paulbradshaw says:

    Needs a tighter edit at the top, and probably a closer shot too. Good choice of music (attribution but permission?) and nice use of speed but you could tighten it further with editing – do we really need to spend 3’30 to get the point? Or could you introduce some tips to keep the attention? Why are sports equipment good picks and not other items?

  2. […] I made this fun video running round my house finding things to sell at car boot sales for carbooted. […]

  3. […] For tips on what goes down well at the car boot from someone who knows what they’re talking about, watch this video. […]

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