Hunting for vintage clothing at the car boot

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, car boot sales are ideal for tracking down vintage collectibles. 

And now, online vintage supplier Annata Vintage has highlighted the importance of the car boot sale in the first of a series of posts on hunting for vintage items. Read it here.

In her post, Annata Vintage seller, Kelly Conway, identifies two types of car seller: the pro and the necessity car booter. Well actually, when we carried out our carbooted poll, we identified a third: the hobby car booter (but don’t worry Kelly, you weren’t to know).

Also, Kelly offers this tip on haggling: show the seller the exact amount of money you want to pay as a persuasion technique. We’ll have to give that a try when we’re out car booting tomorrow…

And if you’re looking for any more tips on vintage buying at the car boot, we spoke to Steve Beastall from The London Car Boot Company back in January. He told us to watch out for the vintage scene in Stoke Newington, which has been gaining momentum over the last few years.

Tom Allsop


One Comment on “Hunting for vintage clothing at the car boot”

  1. Thanks so much! Great to read about the hobby Car Booter …will be looking out for them. Love the trend article by Steve, I will put a link to it on the blog! – very useful!


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