2012 predictions week: is the future of the car boot sale online?

In the final installment of our predictions for 2012, carbooted discusses whether the future of the car boot sale is on Facebook and Twitter.

Facebook group, London’s Car Boot Sale, has 80 members and is one of a growing number of online car boot sales. Sellers post photos and descriptions of their wares on the group and buyers comment below with how much they are willing to offer.

The group is different to auction websites like eBay. Not only do buyers and sellers have to meet up to trade their goods after a price has been accepted online, but also because its organisers don’t take a cut of your sale.


Tony Glenn Marshall, from Maidenhead started the group, along with another for Dorchester. The novice car booter says he decided to make it when his girlfriend couldn’t find a local car boot sale.

He says, “I wasn’t part of the car boot community until I set up my community on Facebook. Where we live, we have no local car boot sales open until March and I wanted to make some extra cash selling my unwanted goods.

“When I started London’s Car Boot Sale, I was amazed by the amount of people requesting to be a member. I knew this could be something much bigger with the right marketing.”


Mr Marshall started promoting the site via Blogger and Twitter and says that now they have lots of cheap items for sale on the group.

He says, “You’re never too far from a good bargain. I have seen TV’s, bikes, push chairs and game consoles sell very cheaply.

“I think online car booting is the future. It saves you time because you don’t need to load your car and then unload your car when you get to the car boot. It’s also free to all buyers and sellers, so that is a huge benefit to both parties. Plus, the best thing about car booting on Facebook is that you do it all in the comfort of your own home.”


Steve Beastall thinks that car booting online “misses the point” and “take the pleasure out of it”. A member of the London Car Boot Company, he runs three of London’s most popular car boots – two in Kilburn and one in Stoke Newington.

He says, “The pleasure of going to a car boot sale is the interaction. There’s that community feel.

“In the past car boots have attracted lots of people who are on the poverty line, but now wealthier people are getting into carbooting and they’re coming for the experience. They want to sell and have a haggle.”

He also thinks that when car booting online you also run the risk of “bitter disappointment” when you see the good in real life.

He says, “You need to pick something up and handle it to know you want it.”

Who do you agree with?

Kate Lloyd


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    Hi, I have enjoyed your insightful website. I have bookmarked your site so, will check in now and then. Thank you!

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