2012 predictions week: the most up-to-date online car boot directories

Your Booty, Car Boot Junction, Car Boots R Us and Car Boot: 2012 predictions week continues with the online car boot directories you will be using to track down your local this year.

Your Booty

Established back in 2006, Your Booty is a directory that lists car boot sales across the UK. Receiving over two million views a year, it has become an invaluable tool for tracking down not just car boots but antiques fairs and charity events. Simple to use, just choose your local area from a drop down menu and scroll through the results to find a sale that’s right for you. Users are able to rate fairs and markets and each review is packed with useful information about times, costs, parking and facilities.

Car Boot Junction

With over 1600 UK car boot sales listed, Car Boot Junction covers the lot. Prospective car booters can search for their nearest sales by town, county or by postcode via Google Maps – type in an address and up pops a list of the 25 nearest sales.  As well as an extensive directory, the Junction hosts a forum for carbooters to swap tips, give advice and review fairs. Look out for Car Boot Classics – a cheeky look at those seemingly useless items that always turn up at car boot sales. Foot spa anyone?

Car Boots R Us

Not just limited to the UK, Car Boots R Us includes international market listings in case you feel like doing a little second hand shopping while on holiday. Whether it’s a garage sale in the USA or a mercato delle pulci (that’s flea market to you and me) in Italy, use the global directory to plan your trip around your favourite hobby – car booting!

Car Boot

If you’re looking for more than just a car boot directory, then Car Boot is the site for you. As well as impressive online listings, carbooters can keep up to date with all things second hand with Car Boot News. Just log in and sign up to the RSS feed to hear about the latest goings on in car boot sales across the UK, as well as more light-hearted stories about treasures people have found rummaging around in their local ‘boots.

Sophie Tighe


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