How to start and promote your own car boot sale

Capital Car Boot in Pimlico has been featured in Time  Out and the Evening Standard magazine. Organiser, Faye Marriott tells carbooted how to start and promote a successful new car boot sale in London.

Capital Car Boot, Pimlico

What makes a good car boot location?

“It needs to be accessible and not too residential as car boots can generate rather a lot of traffic.”

With London being busy are good locations hard to find?

“It’s very difficult as each council has its own laws on licensing. It is difficult to find a council that is forward thinking enough to support car boot sales. Many see car boots as a problem or a nuisance, where as in fact they are the opposite.

“Make sure you have relevant permission and residents on your side.”

What’s the best way to promote a car boot?

“Word of mouth!”

Are online directories a good idea?

“Yes they can be useful-but not when they post the wrong information. One posted the wrong phone number for Capital Car Boot which meant that a local business got all of our calls. It was very annoying for them and us as it took forever to get it changed.”

What makes a car boot sale become popular?

“In order: the location, the staff, the type of stalls and the facilities make car boots popular. We pride ourselves on friendly staff who will stop and chat with the locals.”

Capital Car Boot, Pimlico

How do you get good sellers to sell at your car boot?

“It’s very difficult, we never know who will turn up and with what!”

What are good prices to charge for entry for buyers and sellers?

“Charging 50p or £1 is fair. Professional traders will pay more to come in early, either £3 or £5.”

Do you think it’s better to be involved in the car booting community before you organise your own?

“Absolutely. Car booting is a way of life and there is a definite ‘car boot subculture and community’ that you need to understand and be a part of.”

Kate Lloyd


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