Five mistakes carbooters make when trying to stop fragile collectibles from getting damaged

It doesn’t matter whether you’re lugging fragile collectibles to a car boot or taking them back home – you don’t want them getting damaged. There’s more to keeping them safe than just shoving them in yesterday’s Daily Mail.

Here are the top five mistakes people make when trying to protect their purchases.

1.       Wrapping valuables with newspaper

The dye used to print newspapers can stain glass and china. Paper towel and brown paper are cheap alternatives and won’t leave a trace.

2.       Wrapping fragile articles too tightly or too loosely

You want to your object to be secure in its wrapper but loose enough so that the wrapper is acting as a buffer. A good way to do this is to wrap the object once tightly and then a second time with a little give.

3.       Not stuffing the inside of glasses or vases

If an object has a large hole – fill it! It will help support the object walls when they are put under pressure. Tissue paper does the job, as does bubble wrap.

4.       Not bringing a sturdy shopping bag

The day you don’t take a “bag for life” to a car boot is the day you end up buying a 100 piece collection of figurines! A good sturdy shopping bag will allow you to transport purchases securely around the car boot without fear of it splitting. Line your bag with a towel for extra safety.

5.       Leaving too much space in boxes

You may think you’re being careful by leaving 10cm between each item when you box up your belongings, but as soon as you start moving the objects will start moving and crashing into each other. Pack them as tightly as you can and let friction keep them safe for you!

Kate Lloyd


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