How to promote your car boot sale: posters, freebies and Twitter

Promoting your own car boot sale can be a daunting task. Until you have built up a reputation as a good sale, it’s hard to convince buyers and sellers to head your way.

Here’s carbooted’s guide to attracting punters to your car boot sale. 

Putting up posters on public property without permission is illegal

1. Posters

London may be scattered with posters, but it’s actually illegal to display promotional materials for commercial events on public or private property with permission. Sticking posters on buildings, posts and even bins could land you with an £80 fine or an ASBO.

Instead of risking your profits and reputation, ask local shop owners or community organisations whether you can put up notices on bulletin boards or announcements in newsletters. Not only do you get to put your poster up, you make a contact who might come along themselves.

2. Social Media

Get your car boot a Facebook page and invite all your friends to share and like it. Also get yourself a Twitter and start to talking to the organisers of other car boots.

Post pictures of great bargains found at your car boot sale and details of how many people attended each week. Perhaps follow the lead of Capital Car Boot and offer free entry to Twitter followers.

Not only will Facebook and Twitter help you promote your sale, the sites allow you to talk to buyers and sellers about what they want and warn them if the sale is ever rained off.

3. Get a good reputation

We know, we know – easier said than done, right? Word of mouth, however, is the best way to get people to your car boot.

Without bargains there are no buyers, without buyers there are no sellers and without sellers there are no bargains. Make sure your sale has both buyers and sellers by offering free pitches to friends and local businesses for the first few weeks.

Not only will they come back if they enjoy it, but it will mean your sale is busy from day one!

For more tips on how to start and promote your own car boot sale, read our interview with Faye Marriott who organises Capital Car Boot.

Kate Lloyd


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