Poll: What kind of carbooter are you?

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We car boot fans have lots in common; we all love a bargain, a good deal or a great sale. We all, however, have different reasons for heading down the car boot.

carbooted have identified the three ‘booting  cliques – which one are you in?

1.       The professional carbooters

Attending more than one car boot a week, at various different sites, the serious professional is out for a profit. They buy at the car boot, but usually only to sell on. They’re the first at the ‘boot in the morning, trying to bag a bargain for resale, and usually have a well organised and pre-priced stall and focus on selling one type of good.

Professionals should be very aware of consumer law and should also try to get involved with fun aspects of the car boot community.

2.       The hobby carbooters

Tending to stick to one weekly patch (be it their local or the best ‘boot they know about), carbooting at the weekends in their free time, the hobby carbooter loves to buy to collect and keeps things a while before selling them on. They’re great at pricing, knowing their stuff, but their stalls tend to be a mishmash of all sorts of bits and pieces. They’re out to break even, but aren’t too concerned about profits and love being a part of the car boot community.

Hobby carbooters should remember that they have the knowledge and the stock to make a profit, so shouldn’t sell themselves short.

3.       The necessity carbooters

Usually only down the car boot once in a blue moon, the necessity ‘booter tends to pop by to sell off unwanted household goods after a clear out or when cash flow’s short. Usually they’re only selling, but they’ll come down to browse and pick up a bargain sometimes. Often unaware of which ‘boots are the best they’ll head to their local and won’t be sure of the value of their goods. It’s unlikely they’ll make a profit.

Necessity carbooters can easily get taken advantage of by those more experienced at ‘booting. They should make sure they follow the lead of the hobby ‘booters and professionals, getting involved with the community and doing their research.

Kate Lloyd


One Comment on “Poll: What kind of carbooter are you?”

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