Holloway car boot sellers tell us how they keep warm in the winter

From bin bags to heated insoles, the experienced car boot sellers at October 29’s Holloway car boot gave carbooted some great tips for keeping warm during the freezing winter months.

Debbie and Pat

Debbie and Pat Hammond have been selling their second hand stuff at the car boot sales of London for years, they recommend arriving wearing lots of layers and having extra coats in the car for when you get colder. They said: “Keep moving and having a laugh.”

Michelle Taylor has been car booting on and off for 20 years. She comes to the Holloway car boot sale every Saturday to sell pieces from her huge jewellery and watch collection. She said: “I bring a flask with me and when I get really cold I wear heated insoles in my shoes, you can find them at other car boots.”


Sandra Hahoe and her homemade cards come to Holloway a couple of times a month, but she also sells at Spitalfields, Greenwich and craft shows, she that “using common sense” she discovered that wearing black bin bags next to your body, under your clothes “keep you baking”. Her technique even kept her warm during the heavy snowy spells of the past few years.

China Steve, as he’s known on the circuit, said: “If you want to keep warm wear a hat, gloves and thick socks, you don’t need lots of layers.”

How do you keep warm at the car boot?

Kate Lloyd


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