Does consumer law apply when you sell at a car boot sale?

There are certain situations in which carbooters have to follow the same laws as traders. Don’t get caught out.

You can normally sell just about anything you want at a car boot sale, but these are the criteria that the government uses for distinguishing carbooters from professional traders. You could be considered a trader if:

• You are not selling your personal property.

• You attend boot sales regularly.

• You employ someone to help with the sale and/or sell similar goods at other venues. generating a regular income.

If you think you qualify as a trader, you will be subject to the same laws as other traders. If you break these rules you could be punished by law so be very careful. If you are a trader, here is what traders are required to do by law:

• Display your trading name and address.

• Ensure goods are safe.

• Ensure goods are clearly priced and that any food is properly labelled and within date.

• Ensure descriptions are accurate, and that they do not restrict consumers’ statutory rights.

There are some local authorities which class car boot sales as markets. Click here to find out whether your local authority is one of these or you could find yourself in trouble.

Tom Allsop


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